In Ursula Eriksson lived in the US and her twin sister, Sabina, lived in Ireland with her husband and 2 children.

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Ursula came to visit her sister May 16, The two left for Liverpool, England by ferry early the next morning without telling anyone where they were going. When they arrived in Liverpool, the two women headed to the St. After leaving the police station, the ladies boarded a bus to London.

They refused to check their bags and sat in their seats hugging their bags to their chests. When the driver stopped at Keele Services a mechanic shop in Staffordshirehe asked the sisters to exit the bus because he was suspicious of their odd behavior. The manager at Keele Services reported the twins to police saying that they may have had bombs in their bags.

Police interviewed Ursula and Sabina but did not deem them a threat and they were allowed to leave the service station with no further intervention. Keele Services is right next to the M6. Police were shortly after called to the area because two women were walking along the center median and dodging in and out of traffic. There is no way they could have prepared for what happened next…. The police caught up with the women on the side of the highway and were talking to them.

While cameras rolled, Ursula broke away from officers and headed straight for the side of a semi truck.

The Strange Case Of The Eriksson Twins: Shared Psychosis, Reckless Endangerment, And Murder

Officers tried to stop her, pulling off her jacket, but she got away and was run over by the truck. While police were attending to Ursula, Sabina ran into the path of a Volkswagen, rolled over the top of the car breaking the windshield. Back up and ambulances were called while the women were covered and attended to by police officers and passersby.

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Ursula began to try to get up and asked for police assistance. Shortly after, Sabina jumped to her feet and ran away. She punched a female police officer who tried to contain her. Sabina crossed the center median and ran into traffic moving the opposite direction. It took 6 police officers and civilians to wrangle Sabina back across the median where she was forced to the ground and she was handcuffed. Ursula was taken in for emergency surgery to repair her crushed legs and was held in the hospital for weeks while she recovered.Her twin sister, Ursula, legs crushed by the truck that had just run her over, is spitting and screaming at paramedics on the side of the road.

Ten years have passed since the world came to learn of the Eriksson Twins, the majority through footage of this bizarre roadside incident being broadcast to millions on the BBC show Traffic Copsthen the BBC documentary, Madness in the Fast Lane. They're also a popular topic in the conspiracy and mystery sections of Reddit—but a decade later, few could claim that they are any closer to understanding the chaos that occurred over two days in the UK's West Midlands in May The commonly accepted timeline begins on Friday, May 16, when Sabina and Ursula Eriksson, two Swedish women in their lates, traveled to Liverpool—by ferry, it's believed, though nobody on said ferry has ever come forward to confirm they were seen—from Sabina's home in Mallow, County Cork, Ireland.

Ursula had traveled from her home in the US to visit her twin sister. Anne Police Station, where Sabina reported concerns about the safety of her children back in Ireland.

What You Didn't Know About The Bizarre Case Of The Eriksson Twins + Theories - Makeup \u0026 Murder

The police made contact with officers in Dublin and promised to follow the complaint up. Again, no other traveler has ever come forward to say they were also on that coach. The sisters left the coach at Keele service station—which isn't a scheduled rest stop—either because they were feeling unwell, as stated by the police report that would follow, or because, as the bus driver has claimed, they were acting erratically. The latter story goes that they both held onto their bags, having refused to put them in the luggage hold, and that the driver asked to search their luggage.

When they refused, they were ordered off the vehicle. Once at the service station, they headed to the back of the complex. The service manager, also alarmed by their behavior, called the police. Her concern was that the twins were carrying explosives. The police came to speak to the women. Convinced they posed no threat of harm, either to the service station or themselves, the police allowed them to leave.

ursula and sabina eriksson

What happened next was extraordinary. Having seemingly left the service station on foot, the two sisters were spotted on security camera walking down the median of the M6 highway. Highway Agency officers headed to the scene, as did the Central Motorway Police Group, with camera operatives from the Traffic Cops program who were shadowing the unit at the time.

They stopped the sisters. The situation appeared calm. The sisters stood smoking and chatting affably. Sabina was wearing a yellow visor with the ledger, "Time to Believe. Then, as the arriving police were being briefed about the situation, Ursula suddenly ran into the road, her coat being pulled from her by a concerned officer as she attempted to free herself. She ran straight into the side of an oncoming truck. It was traveling, it's estimated, at 56mph. You can see her shoes strewn across the road in the wake of the collision.

Seconds later, Sabina jumped into the road, smashing into the windshield of a Volkswagen Polo. Ursula's legs were crushed.

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Sabina was unconscious for approximately 15 minutes. Somehow they both survived. After an air ambulance was called, Sabina started to come around and responded by immediately clawing and spitting at the police officer attempting to help her.

She screamed, "I recognize you—you're not real. Then, miraculously, she rose to her feet and started screaming for the help of the police, seemingly unable to establish that the police were already there.

Sabina began to ask, "Why do you kill me? With nowhere to go, she took her red coat off and squared up with the police officers surrounding her, who eventually put her into handcuffs.

The sisters were taken to the hospital. Ursula, her legs fractured, was admitted. Sabina, seemingly uninjured, was taken to the police station to be processed.Twins are said to share a bond that can defy scientific explanation. Some say that the connection forged in the womb allows twins to feel each other's pain, or even communicate via ESP.

For Ursula and Sabina Eriksson, their bond took them on a bizarre trip - one that involved attempted suicide, superhuman strength, reality television, and even murder. The Swedish Eriksson twins made headlines in after a series of strange events took place in the United Kingdom. What exactly happened that caused the twins to snap? Did they really experience a shared psychosis? Ultimately, the only people who can know what happened to the Eriksson sisters are Ursula and Sabina themselves.

But their strange case is darkly fascinating all the same. Upon arriving in the English port city, the twins paid a visit to the St.

Anne Street Police Station to report concerns over Sabina's children, whom she had left with her partner back in Ireland. From there, the Eriksson sisters boarded a National Express coach to London, where their behavior would take a more erratic turn. Not long after the twins boarded the coach to London, Ursula and Sabina began acting strangely. Reportedly, the twins had refused to check their bags and became enraged when the bus staff attempted to take them from them.

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Sabina and Ursula, now stranded, started walking the M6 motorway. After receiving calls about two women disrupting traffic and causing chaos on the M6, local authorities went to investigate. Expecting to arrive at a scene of multiple fatalities, police were surprised to see the two women unharmed.

As officers tried to calm the twins, Ursula suddenly darted into trafficwhere she was struck by a large truck. Ursula's legs were crushed, leaving her immobilized, and Sabina was unconscious for 15 minutes.

Though it took several police officers and paramedics, Sabina was subdued shortly after. TV Crews Arrived.

Sabina Ran Back Into Traffic. Video: YouTube.In Maya film crew was shadowing police and expecting to see a routine call on the M6 Motorway in London. The Swedish twins had reunited only hours before the strange event. From the moment they were together they started behaving strangely, and embarked on a spontaneous trip to Liverpool.

The sisters were kicked off a tour bus when they refused to check their bags and began acting suspiciously.

ursula and sabina eriksson

It was then that they decided to take a shortcut across the busy freeway. CCTV cameras capture the images of Sabina and Ursula creeping into the frame, hopping over the guard rail and running into the road without hesitation.

Panic and chaos ensue as cars attempt to swerve out of the way to avoid the women; however, the sisters were unable to escape the fenders of the speeding cars. Police and paramedics soon came and as they assessed the situation, it became progressively worse.

As police stood with the twins on the side of the road, Ursula suddenly dashed back out into traffic as an officer tried his best to stop her. She managed to get out of his grip and was struck by a car. She suffered serious injuries to her legs. Her body slammed into an oncoming car, rolled up the hood and flung into the air before smashing back onto the ground with a thud.

The sound of screeching tires and screams rang in the wind as Sabina got right back up, rushed to the center median, and jumped back out into traffic again. Surprisingly, both twins survived the incident and were taken to a hospital for treatment and evaluation—but not without putting up a fight. The duo fought police and paramedics, insisting someone was trying to take their organs, and shouted at the individuals who were trying to help them.

The psychological disorder begins in the mind of one individual whose delusions are transmitted into another person. Following the shared psychotic episode, Ursula was hospitalized in a mental facility for three months. Sabina on the other hand, was released back into society shortly after. Within hours of her release, she would murder a man.

Sabina was strolling down the street, still experiencing delusions, when she encountered two men. One of the men, Glenn Hollinshead, felt sorry for Sabina and wanted to help. He invited her to stay at his place, and even aided her in her search for her sister. The following day, Sabina stabbed Hollinshead five times and killed him. The mentally unfit woman fled the scene with a hammer, and began striking herself in the head with it.

Paramedics chased Sabina through the neighborhood and watched in horror as she leapt from a bridge. Miraculously, she survived the fall and was hospitalized. Immediately following her hospitalization, she was charged with murder.

She was sentenced to five years in prison. Her mental disorder should have been picked up prior to her being let out in to the community. No one really knows what happened with Sabina and Ursula that day on the motorway. The close bond the pair shared led to a shared mental breakdown that ended tragically. You can view a clip from the documentary below, but be warned, the video is disturbing to watch. Share This on Facebook.The twins had been in Ireland before travelling to the UK and boarding a bus for London in Liverpool.

Their odd behaviour after exiting the bus at a service station on the M6 motorway caused the driver not to allow them back on board. The two were later seen on the central reservation of the M6 motorway.

When Highways England traffic officers arrived to assist the women, they ran across the busy motorway, as captured by a small television crew. Ursula managed to dodge traffic, but Sabina was knocked over.

Shortly after police arrived, the women again dashed onto the motorway and were struck by oncoming vehicles.

ursula and sabina eriksson

Ursula suffered serious injuries, and when Sabina regained consciousness, she refused medical aid and attacked a police officer, at which point she was arrested and sedated. Appearing calm, though behaving unusually, Sabina was processed by police in Stoke-on-Trent and was later released from custody. Shortly afterwards, she was seen and taken in by Glenn Hollinshead, of FentonStaffordshirewhom she suddenly stabbed to death the next day.

Sabina was then pursued running from the scene and arrested in hospital after jumping from a bridge onto a busy trunk road. Despite these incidents, there was no evidence that drugs or alcohol were involved in the incidents on the M6 or the killing of Hollinshead.

ursula and sabina eriksson

Ursula was released from the hospital after recovering, but Sabina was sentenced to five years imprisonment and released on parole in before returning to Sweden.

Ursula visited Sabina on Friday 16 Maybut for reasons that were unclear, the sisters secretly departed Sabina's home for LiverpoolEngland. A police report stated that the twins suddenly disembarked from the bus at Keele servicesa motorway service stationas they were not feeling well.

He noticed the twins clinging to their bags tightly and did not let them re-board because they refused to let him search their bags for illegal items. The manager of the service station was informed and, also feeling suspicious of the pair's demeanour, movements, and fixation on their bags, she called the police.

Officers arrived to talk to them but left after saying that the women seemed harmless. Their elder brother claimed in a Swedish newspaper that his sisters were fleeing from maniacs who were chasing them. The police were accompanied by a small television crew who happened to be filming Motorway Cops with the officers. Both survived. Ursula was immobilised as the lorry had crushed her legs, and Sabina spent fifteen minutes unconscious. Ursula told the policemen restraining her, "I recognise you — I know you're not real", and Sabina, now conscious, shouted "They're going to steal your organs".

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Emergency workers and several members of the public caught up with her, restrained, and carried her to a waiting ambulance, at which point she was handcuffed and sedated. Given the similarities in their behaviours, a suicide pact or drug use was quickly suspected.

Ursula was taken to hospital by air ambulance. Sabina was taken to hospital where, despite her ordeal and an apparent lack of concern over her sister's injuries, she soon became calmer and controlled, and was released five hours later.

Usually at least one more follows — maybe two. Leaving court, Sabina began to wander the streets of Stoke-on-Trenttrying to locate her sister in hospital, and carrying her possessions in a clear plastic bag given to her by police. Sabina appeared friendly and stroked the dog as the three struck up a conversation.

Hollinshead took pity upon her and instead offered to take her back to his house at nearby Duke Street. Sabina accepted and relaxed as she began to relate how she was trying to locate her hospitalised sister. Back at the house, over drinks, her odd behaviour continued as she constantly got up and looked out of the window, leading Molloy to assume that she had run away from an abusive partner.This particularly bizarre story made news headlines inand to this day the real cause for the chain of incidents that took place has never been fully explained.

In May the twins had been together in Ireland. The following day on May 17th they arrived in the port city and headed straight to St Annes Street police station at around 8. The police promised to follow up the complaint, after which the sisters boarded a National Express coach traveling to London.

The services manager at Keele also noticed that the Eriksson twins were behaving weirdly and in fear they may have been carrying explosives informed the police. After being questioned, the police found nothing obviously out of the ordinary and they were allowed to go on their way.

The sisters were next seen by CCTV, as on foot, they walked illegally along the central reservation, again officers were alerted to the scene. Before which the twins ran across the motorway causing chaos among vehicles and suffering some injuries to themselves. Highways England Traffic Officers arrived to assess the situation. The officials spoke to the twins, who at this point they seemed calm, on the hard shoulder of the motorway, as the camera crew unwittingly filmed the calm before the storm that was about to unfold.

She was struck by a heavy goods lorry and suffered serious leg injuries as a result. Sabina, who showed superhuman strength in her struggle, was finally restrained by six people, sedated then arrested. Both were flown by air ambulance to hospital.

And also some broken mobile phones. A collection of mobiles were found among their possessions when they were arrested. Ursula was given emergency surgery but survived her injuries. She was sectioned under the mental health act and held for three months of assessment. Footage of Sabina in the police station shows her acting very differently than her alarming antics on the M6.

She offered Mr Hollinshead and his other house guest Peter Malloy cigarettes, before snatching them out of their mouths claiming they had been poisoned. She also looked anxiously out of the window as though someone might be following her. Malloy left for his own home that evening with Sabina staying for the night. Early the next morning without explanation Eriksson stabbed Hollinshead five times with a butchers knife, killing him then fleeing the murder scene taking with her a hammer.

She was seen hitting herself in the head on the street with a hammer. A passing motorist named Joshua Grattage stopped to try and intervene, but he was struck in the head with a roof tile for his efforts. Sabina then fled again on foot.

Paramedics were called, and gave chase, leading to Sabina jumping from a foot bridge onto the A50 motorway. She broke both her ankles and suffered head trauma, but again amazingly survived the fall and found herself in hospital under arrest for murder.

Sabina Eriksson stood trial in Septemberit was delayed due to difficulties obtaining her medical records from Sweden. Eriksson pleaded guilty to manslaughter with diminished responsibility on September 2nd Both the prosecution and defense claimed that Sabina was insane at the time of the killing of Mr Hollinshead, and sane at the time of her trial.

A rare condition where she was being influenced by the presence, or perceived presence, of her twin sister. Nottingham Crown Court accepted her plea of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility due to her mental state, the judge, Justice Saunders, determined that she had low level of culpability for her crimes.

So to the big question here, why?Swedish twin sisters Ursula and Sabina Eriksson lived normal everyday lives, had a clean bill of health with no reported mental health issues. Ursula ran into the path of an oncoming highway traffic, Sabina then immediately duplicated her twin.

The twins believed to have a rare psychiatric disorder in which delusional beliefs are transmitted from one individual to another. Usually at least one more follows — maybe two. Sabina lived in Ireland with her partner and two children, and Ursula lived in America.

The two met in Ireland, for unknown reasons, and decided to take a trip to London. On the bus, they started to act erratically. The pair began to walk down the M6, but when attempting to cross the motorway, they caused a chaos and picked up minor injuries. When paramedics and police officers arrived at the scene, they made numerous suicide attempts. Shortly after the highway incident, Sabina killed a father of two by stabbing him repeatedly with a kitchen knife.

She survived and was charged with manslaughter. The psychiatrists said Sabina was suffering delusions, which she believed to be true and dictated her behavior. By the look of it, the twins have fallen off the face of the earth. Edit: Looks like Ursula is back in U. S and is a member of the Sacred Heart Church.

The Twins Who Ran into Traffic Before Stabbing a Man to Death

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